pebble beach

A pebble is a stone between the size of a corn kernel and a baseball, larger than a kernel of wheat, smaller than a cobble, or between 0.08 and 2.52 inches. By abrasion, through the action of passing water and wind, the stone fragments that make pebbles have become worn and rounded. A pebble beach, therefore, is a margin of land where loose pebbles have accumulated, bounding a sea, lake, pond, or stream, and is distinguished from sand beach or cobble beach. There is the well-known Pebble Beach on California’s Monterey Peninsula, and pebble beaches in Del Norte, Marin, San Mateo, and Sonoma Counties, California, as well as one in Waldo, Minnesota, one in Nantucket, Massachusetts, and a small island off the coast of Washington called Pebble Beach.

John Keeble