plunge pool

A plunge basin is a cavity at the base of a falls formed by a stream or river as it pours over a nickpoint; the plunge pool is the water in that basin. Ethnobotanist Gary Nabhan, overlooking La Cascada de Basaseachic in Mexico, relates in his article “Mother Mountains” how he watched “water fall for close to 1,000 feet, atomizing into mist before it hit a large plunge pool on the canyon floor.” Whether a large falls or a small one, most people are mesmerized by the sound and sight of falling water; pieces of broken rainbows created by sun and mist hanging midair, swallows circling, veering above the plunge pool, flying in and out, sometimes behind and around the falls, dippers in the rapids below. If the pool is calm, clear, and deep, and the weather mild or warm, a person might step in, enter, bodily and over the head, the rare country of a plunge pool.

Pattiann Rogers